Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Need of Your Opinion.......

I am participating in 'One Flower Wednesday' and am about to start my garden! I have a stack of brights that I was planning on using for my flowers and a stack of a sort of 'washed out' solids that match. I was using my calendar as inspiration and was thinking I would follow it using the yellow for the centers and surround each flower with white. As I started cutting and thinking about this, and the more I thought about it, the more unsure I became. I thought I would lay out my pieces and see what you all think about it. I am now unsure if I should continue with how it is in the calendar or use the solids as centers with brights around and no white in between.....or, yellow for centers with brights and the flowers would be sewn together, maybe even making flowers with the solids so after being sewn together there would be a mixture of bright printed flowers and solid flowers. Ohhhh, I'm liking that idea!!! LOL I need some opinions here on what you think would look best!

Here is my calendar photo that I was planning on following.

Here are my brights with the solids on the inside and you can see what it would look like with the white around them. These would have yellow centers. The pictures really do not show just how bright these prints are.

Here they are, without the whites, just regular GFG's with the solids as centers.

And here they are with just brights with yellow as centers. Maybe I would use the solids to make flowers too, with yellow centers and mix them in with the brights.

Gosh, just making this post has helped me to work it out in my mind. LOL Funny how that works. I sat up there in my sewing room unsure of what to do, then I come to my computer and write about it and now I think I'm liking the idea of making them smaller, just brights around the center and also some solids around a center and mixing them. I suppose the larger flowers would also take longer to make. Please tell me what your opinion is on this, I would really appreciate it. Thanks xo


  1. Jan, i really like the traditional look of your Calendar: it's traditional to have yellow centres. And I would not use white to connect but a softer paler cream for that antiquey look.
    All that said... I LOVE your brights with solid centres!
    I can see you having to make 2 flowers on wednesday, for 2 quilts!

  2. I like the yellows in the center. I love the calendar picture. Both ways would be pretty. One a more traditional and the other more modern. Can't wait to see what you decide.

  3. Jan, as I was reading your post, I was thinking "you need to decide for yourself, what really touches your heart is the one that you should make", but then I got to the last paragraph and laughed. You decided, and I think your decision will be gorgeous! Either way, it's the same number of pieces in the quilt.

    Like you, I like "the scrappier, the better!" : )

    ~ Ronda

  4. Jan, I agree with Valentina, I would use a yellow centre and definitely a cream for the in-betweens. The brights are beautiful fabrics and your quilt is going to look lovely!

  5. Well Jan I like them both lol...go with your heart and have a play....the more hexie quilts the better....

  6. I too agree with Valentina and Ann...because it's a traditional pattern, I would go with the traditional yellow centres & with a cream background..
    Your brights are lovely and it's them that will make your quilt beautiful!
    Julia ♥

  7. So many ideas! My head is spinning! LOL. I love them all, but I too would use something more creamy in place of the white, if you go that way. I really like the idea of smaller, solids around a center and brights around a center and then mixing them. Your stack of fabric is so yummy, that in the end it is going to look excellent!

  8. I had to laugh too. Isn't it great that you can bounce ideas off your head in blog land and come up with the solution? LOL.


  9. Hello, Jan! ;>)
    I really LOVE your calendar setting, and personnaly I would definately choose that way...
    Yet, all the possibilities you're showing look GREAT !
    ENJOY your sewing!

  10. Oh dear, I thought I had doubts hihi, uhmm maybe you'll have to make 2 quilts LOL too much you say? Ok only 1, I love the idea mentioned by Valentina and Ann ( maybe you don't and in that case Mea Culpa). Still no decision made here, looked and looked again at the "old" centerpiece and getting more restless LOL. Happy sewing and follow the little voice of your heart! Daniëlle

  11. I'm sitting here reading all of the comments and chuckling :) Something I am real need of... I love the fabrics you have picked, they are yummy! In the end it is how you feel when you put it up on the design wall, walk away, look back, and fall in love with what you see.

  12. I like the small flowers, they look so cute. A white or cream space between the flowers would be nice. And I think you will get a stunning result if you take good care of contrast in value (a valuefinder or red plastic layer may help). What about a deep dark point in the middle, jewel colors around (like anemones)and a bright space between the flowers.

  13. I agree with the cream in between instead of white. A softer look.

  14. I think you arrived at the answer all on your own. This is going to be just lovely.

  15. Wheneve I make a quilt with lots of bright fabric, I usually use a grey value fabric(not gray fabric, but any fabric that is toned down) so that this fabric gives the eye a place to rest.

  16. Hi Jan, I found you through Carrie's A Passion for Applique blog! I just started a blog myself. Love your flowers - I've been seeing these around the internet and I think I have to make some of my own o:)

  17. After seeing this post, my first flower is going to be an applique on something. I LOVE the idea of the yellow centers. I really LOVE the postcard inspiration. The additional row of solid around the flowers with a white or soft white print of some sort between them is beautiful! Keeps with the tradition of the quilt with a little more charming touch. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm really excited about this project now!