Thursday, March 18, 2010

My first Klosjes.........

Thank you so much Ann for passing the pattern for the little Klosjes (spools) on to me today. I was so excited to get started on my very first hand sewing project! I traced the pattern to my template plastic and found some reproduction prints and got started. For my first block I think I did pretty well, but I do hope they get better with each one, since this one is far from perfect.

I wish I would have timed myself once I started sewing so I could see how long it took me to make. Maybe on my next one. :) I can see right now, these little spools are going to be rather addicting, just like the little baskets are.

Here is a picture of my first spool and also the basket I was sewing today. This basket was sent to me from a dear FB friend from Australia, Lisa. Thanks Lisa. :) Thanks again Ann for sharing the spools pattern and taking me along with you on this journey. :) xoxox


  1. Jan, your spool is beautiful! I am so thrilled for you, well done my dear! Excellent, I love the colours and Lisa's beautiful basket...

  2. It's LOVELY, Jan ! BRAVO ;>)
    Hope you'll make many, many more in order to get that gorgeous quilt of your dreams....

  3. Thank you so much Ann and Nadine. I do plan to make many, many, MANY of them. :) Thank you so much Ann for teaching me to hand stitch. I love it so much!!!! =) xo

  4. Well done, Jan! Yay! Thanks for such detailed photos - it has really helped me to understand how to draft templates of my own.

  5. Well done Jan,
    The first is always the hardest...I look forward to seeing many more..
    I love repro's fabric.
    Julia ♥

  6. Jan, your Klosje looks soooo cute! Don't worry about timing yourself just yet, as you will be getting so much faster once you figure out your own system. :) Oh, I am so happy to meet you and to know that you'll be joining us in this lovely journey! Jan, we'll have so much fun together!
    from Cyprus,

  7. Thank you so much girls. I have really been enjoying the hand stitching. Thanks to Ann for teaching me and sharing the Klosjes pattern with me. I have 7 little blocks done now and after making a few more tomorrow, my Saturday, I will post a new picture. :)
    I have really enjoyed 'blogging' and it's been nice getting to know you girls.

    Happy Stitching,